Sprocket it - Javascript Bookmarklet

Check out this cool way of posting new tasks on Next Sprocket.

Click and drag this link to your bookmark toolbar like below Sprocket it!

Then, when you browse to a GitHub project issues page, Lighthouse bug report or any project bug report page, just click this link and bam! Now you can offer a reward for that open source task!

Hello World!

Welcome to Next Sprocket, the developer’s marketplace!

We believe in harnessing open source solutions for projects. As coders, we all need specific components completed but may lack the time or expertise. These tasks can be anything from bug fixes, new features, language ports, documentation or just specific code examples. You can motivate solutions for these open source tasks on Next Sprocket with monetary value.

We hope Next Sprocket will encourage more programmers into the open source community with financial rewards for their efforts.